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How To Organize Your Prayer List

To pray is to change – Richard Foster

If you are like me, sometimes your prayer list can get to be a little too large to manage. There are seasons in life when we just have a lot of people, circumstances, tragedies, and triumphs that require our attention in prayer. It can be difficult to manage when we find ourselves in a busy season of life when finding time to pray can be a challenge.

When my prayer list is long and my time in a given week is short, I practice prayer by using the acronym R.E.A.C.H. R.E.A.C.H stands for relationships, employment, access, church, and healing.

I practice this by praying through one letter each day of the week. Each letter represents a particular theme for the day so when I have the opportunity to pray, I can quickly focus on what I need to be praying for. It helps me to focus my prayer time each day and it helps to keep my prayer time from getting stagnant.

Monday - Relationships: I use this to focus on praying for the important relationships in my life. I pray for the needs of my wife and kids, family, and friends. I focus on known needs, but I also give attention to blessing, flourishing, and wholeness for them.

Tuesday - Employment: I pray for the needs of my place of employment and my co-workers. I lift up the specific needs of the company and pray for the known needs of those that I work with. I pray that my co-workers would have all that they need and for their relationship with Jesus.

Wednesday - Access: I use this day to pray for opportunities to share my faith. I pray for those that are struggling spiritually, for those that need Jesus, and for unsaved people. I ask for opportunities to be present with those that are in need of someone to be with them.

Thursday - Church: I pray for the needs of my church, my pastor, and the congregation. I pray that the church would live out it’s calling in the community, that the folks would exercise their spiritual gifts, and for any known needs that I am aware of.

Friday - Healing: I pray specifically for those that are in need of healing. That healing could be related to sickness, disease, physical or emotional difficulty, or broken relationships If it needs to be healed, I will pray for it.

I know this isn’t an exhaustive list of things that I could be praying for in a given week, but when things are busy, it helps me to keep my prayer life organized. I hope it can be a help to you as well in the busy seasons of your life.

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